Turning Earth is a Bay-Area-based ensemble which sings regularly at rituals and other Pagan events.

album cover with picture of altar including sheet music

Our first album "Offerings" is now available. To order, send an email to theTurningEarthSingers@gmail.com

  1. In Her Image (Spell/lyrics: Witch Bree (Brenda Knight), music: Mariah Sparks)
  2. Come the Night, On (Maxina Ventura)
  3. Comforter (Meg Yardley)
  4. She Touches Me Deeply (Beverly Cadie)
  5. Whatever Circles Comes From the Center (lyrics: Rumi/ Coleman Barks, music: Meg Yardley)
  6. Sacred Well (Maxina Ventura)
  7. Moonlight (Diana Paxson)
  8. Draw Down the Sun (Meg Yardley)
  9. Perfect Possibility (Spell/lyrics: Witch Bree (Brenda Knight), music: Mariah Sparks)
  10. Opening Chant (Meg Yardley)
  11. Fire of Will (Vicki Solomon)
  12. Bread Blessing (Meg Yardley)
  13. From the Earth and Back Again (Maxina Ventura)
  14. Om Asatoma (Traditional Sanskrit)
  15. Enough and Some to Share (Maxina Ventura)

The Turning Earth Singers are a Bay-Area-based a cappella ensemble that sings for rituals and other pagan events. We have taught workshops at Pantheacon for several years and have sung at many different venues including the Spiral Dance, farmers’ markets, private homes, and others. Our members - Corby Lawton, Mariah Sparks, Max Ventura, Meg Yardley, Robin Dolan, & Vicki Solomon - come from a variety of magical and musical backgrounds, and several members have performed on various Pagan musical recordings. We released our first recording “Offerings” this year.